Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jury duty is finished - Still sorting

Jury duty is over, and I have to say it was actually a good experience. VERY tiring. Listening to all the evidence and realizing that you are responsible for making decisions that will affect another person's future is a pretty awesome task. I was more tired each night than if I had worked a full day. We were not allowed to take notes, so the mental challenge of not only listening, but remembering can be very difficult. AND the judge admonished us not to talk about the case to each other or anyone else, so my mind was filled with all this information that I was unable to organize very well.

But it was interesting to see how we all worked together as we deliberated and how much we all remembered together. Glad I don't have to do this very often, but I would do my duty again if asked.

Have started a more methodical approach to sorting our "stuff". We previously moved everything from the office to the dining room so Dan could work on the plumbing issue, so that room has been empty for some time. And we've cleaned out the dining room, except for the table and chairs and the boxes for the kids, which are going to the storage facility. And the utility room is less cluttered and more organized.

I decided on Friday to start at the north end of the house and work my way to the south end. So the large bathroom has been throughly sorted, with just the necessary bathing items left in the room. Now on to our bedroom on Monday and the walk-in closet. I'm really going to adhere to the rule, "If you pick it up, make a decision about it before putting it down." In other words, "Don't just move it to another place".

Sarah and her fiance, Chad, will be here on Friday for a wedding dress fitting on Saturday. We've asked them to help carry things out of the basement and to help move some furniture to the storage facility. That will be a BIG help.

So, we are still in Rochester, but making progress. Thanks to those of you who keep checking the website for new info. We'll be going to Talladega about April 18 for the Nascar race and then to Ohio June 1 for Sarah's wedding. Then I'll start posting more often.

More later......


Anonymous said...

You go girl. It'll be worth it when it's all finished.


O'Byrne Family said...

You sound like that organizing guy on Oprah! I can't imagine sorting through 30 years of stuff!