Saturday, March 15, 2008

We're Still Here - (Rochester, IL)

Just letting everyone know we are still sorting, giving away and throwing away. Just can't believe the STUFF we collect. Sure is interesting going through boxes that haven't been opened for a few years. Makes for some sentimental moments. But progress is being made. Most of the books are off the shelves and some have been delivered to their new homes.

Took a trunk full of stuff to Goodwill today. Won't be doing much next week since I have jury duty beginning Monday. Maybe I'll get lucky and be sent home the first day. Kind of puts a glitch in my plans, but just have to deal with it.

It's just 2 1/2 months till Sarah and Chad's wedding in Ohio. They will be home the first of April for a wedding dress fitting. All of our kids and their families will be at the wedding. Will be great to see everyone together.

We'll be going to Branson, MO after the wedding for an RV rally and then head toward Seattle with plans to stop in Kansas and visit friends and then on to Denver to visit my sister Jean and her husband, Steve. Haven't made any definite plans for the route on to Seattle, but will probably just "play it by ear." Plan to stay about a month in and around Seattle. Then will start a slow southerly route toward Texas.

Enough for now. More later....... (after I finish some more sorting and I fulfill my jury duty obligations).


Jennifer said...

Hey Mom, Haven't checked your blog in awhile and now I'm feeling guilty. You have quite a job on your hands going through all that stuff. Wish we were closer to help out! I've done some of it myself in Boston and it's a challenge to get rid of things. More power to you for being so productive! Guess the motivation of fun traveling helps :) Your summer plans sound awesome so keep up the good work!

O'Byrne Family said...

It's fun to read about us on your blog. It reminds me of when we'd hear our names in Dad's sermons. Of course, that was a bit different because he was using us as examples for his messages. I can't imagine what reminiscing is going on there. I look forward to hearing about the stories that are coming up!