Monday, April 13, 2009

Just an Update on our Whereabouts

As noted on the sidebar, we are parked in the driveway at our house in Rochester, IL. We arrived back here last Tuesday. Dan has been working on some of the remodeling in the house, and Gail has been doing some sorting in the motorhome and finishing some sorting and disposal of things in the house. We really need to get the house ready to sell.

Will write a post this week about some of our travels the last few months. We'll be leaving Sunday for Talladega, AL and the Nascar race at Talladega Speedway, then back to Rochester for more work.

We are looking at some campground hosting opportunities in Washington for the summer, but haven't settled on one yet. Our new grand daughter is expected in about one month, so we want to spend some time close to Seattle this summer.

More later.......