Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Still Here!!!! Sorting, Hauling, Planning

Yes, we are still in Rochester; and I have not been very good at writing on the blog. But we have gotten a LOT done in the past few days.

Sarah and her fiance, Chad, were home for a 3 day weekend for a wedding dress fitting and we conned them into helping clean out the basement. And what help they were!!! Also moved several items to the storage building for pickup later by the kids. Stephanie, Taylor and Erin came on Saturday and helped also. Sure makes for faster work when several are helping. And we had pizza at Gallina's on Saturday evening. It's a family tradition when any of the kids are here. Sarah and Chad slept in the motor home since there are no extra beds in the house. It's really nice to have hookups at the house.

I'm working 3 days this week and next so probably won't get much other stuff done. I was exhausted when I got home today. I do enjoy my job, but don't like having to be at work at 5:30 AM. And it's pretty fast-paced for several hours as we admit kids and send them off to surgery. But even though I enjoy my job, I am more than ready to make a change and really start this fulltime lifestyle.

And speaking of fulltiming; Erin, our eleven year old granddaughter, will be spending this summer with us as we travel. We're really looking forward to that. She has traveled with us on some other trips and we've always had a good time. Sure glad she likes spending time with grandma and grandpa. She'll be adding her thoughts to our blog; and she bought a new camera with money she has saved, so I'm sure she'll post pictures also.

We'll be leaving on April 19 for Talladega, AL for a Nascar race; then back home until June 1 when we head to Ohio for Sarah and Chad's wedding and then on to Branson, Kansas, Denver and Seattle. Erin will start traveling with us on June 1. She will fly back home in August to start back to school, and we don't have any specific plans after August.

I'll start posting more regularly when we start traveling.

More later.....

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