Saturday, December 26, 2009

We've Left COLD Illinois - Clarksville, TN

We are finally headed to warmer weather.  Woo Hoo!!!   Hopefully, this will be the LAST winter that we spend in Illinois.  Last year we left in January after a sleet and ice storm.  Today the roads were clean, but it was windy and cold and it snowed last night.  Loading the motorcycle in the truck, cleaning ice off one of the slide toppers and hitching up the truck to the motorhome in cold weather is just not any fun. 

We will be in Wauchula, Florida on January 1st.  Plan to stay at Little Charlie Creek RV Park for 2 months.  Then travel a little further south before heading up the east coast to eventually spend some time with Jennifer and Gene just outside of Boston. 

We spent part of October, November and December at our daughter's in Monticello, IL.  Dan was helping get the cattle barn finished.  I spent a lot of time with Erin and her horse, Mercedes; and cheering Erin on at two horse shows.  Will post some pictures in the next few days of Mercedes and Erin's show pictures.  Mercedes is a grey quarter horse, but Erin rides saddlebreds to show. 

It's been a long day and we plan to be on the road early tomorrow, so I better hit the sack.  Now that we are traveling again, I'll keep up with this blog.  I'm thinking of posting about 3 times a week.  I think that should be more manageable.

More later......