Saturday, December 27, 2008

Freezing Rain, Snow, Ice, Sleet, More Freezing Rain - YUCK!! FINALLY Warmer Weather

We've had all of the above for the past two weeks. The country roads have been especially icy and slick, especially when it rains and then refreezes. And the dogs seems to go "in and out" more when the weather is messy, so we've washed a lot of dirty old dog towels.

I been very remiss in not posting. But with working all day, mostly data entry and computer stuff, I just haven't been very motivated to keep up the blog. And there hasn't been too much new stuff to report. Jon's lab business is picking up due to a new genetic disease test he has developed for Angus cattle, so I've been helping with the increased influx of blood samples and trying to upgrade the office procedures.

Dan is about finished with the basement remodeling, has been hauling hay bales for the cattle and working on the "Dad do list" for Stephanie. And we're still having a few minor issues with the motorhome.

But, on the upside; we have our own bedroom in the house (it's actually Zachary's, he's sleeping in the bonus room); Jennifer and Gene arrived safely on Christmas Eve, after several flight delays in Chicago; Jon's parents were able to make it over for Christmas Day (Jon met them in Monticello and drove their van out to the country due to the icy roads); we are all healthy; AND the temperature was up to 58 today!!! Makes for more mud for the dogs to get into, but sure beats ICE. Currently, the wind is blowing about 30 mph out of the south, but the temperature is supposed to be in the high 30's for several days.

Erin and Stephanie have riding lessons again on Sunday. Stef will be cantering this week on Thor and Erin will get to ride Mattie. She has been cantering for a couple of weeks on Thor and is really doing well. I'll try to post videos Sunday evening of their lesson. The internet connection is not real good, but will try.

We are still planning to leave here in about 3-4 weeks. Looking forward to some warmer weather. But we've really enjoyed this long stay with family.

More later.....

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

We Didn't Sign Up for This!!!!!!!

This was the view out the kitchen window on Sunday afternoon. Kasey and Maggie enjoying the sunshine and waiting for the FedEx man to arrive with dog biscuits. What a life. :)
From Mansfield Snow Riding Lessons

And THIS was the view on Monday morning.
From Mansfield Snow Riding Lessons

Silly us, to think we might make it through December without snow. And if you're within 30 miles of I-57 which runs north and south through eastern Illinois, you can bet the wind will be blowing. And there are no gentle winds in eastern Illinois.

And Casper needed to be fed at 7:00 am. He really didn't know what to think of the snow. I do the early morning feeding and try to get him to eat grain (he'd rather suck on my fingers) and Erin feeds him about 4:30 when she gets home from school.
From Mansfield Snow Riding Lessons

And the rest of the cows can't get to the grass, so they have to be fed everyday and the water tank freezes, and it's just plain COLD.
From Mansfield Snow Riding Lessons

The upside is we both have paying jobs for the next month, no campground fees and we are staying with family while waiting to get the refrigerator repaired in the motorhome. The new part has arrived, but the roads were just too snow packed Monday morning to drive the 15 miles to the repair facility. And the slide covers had ice on them which would have made it very difficult to retract the slides. We did have lots of sunshine on Tuesday with temps in the mid 30's, so the slides are now in and Dan will drive it to Mahomet on Wednesday. Sure hope this part will solve the problem, but the service manager really thinks the control panel needs to be replaced; however, Dometic doesn't want to send a control panel until several other things are checked out. Sometimes, you just have to jump through hoops. At least we're not stranded somewhere. We just moved into Zachary's bedroom (he's off at college)and since we're both working here at the house, we don't even have to travel to work. Unless you count going down the stairs.

AND, we're really enjoying getting to spend time with family. Stephanie and Erin are making progress with their riding lessons. Wasn't able to upload videos, but here are some pictures. The first is Erin cantering on Thor. He is a 21 year old horse.
From Mansfield Snow Riding Lessons

And Stephanie trotting on Mattie. She's a nine year old Morgan.
From Mansfield Snow Riding Lessons

So, even though it's cold and windy and more snow is expected Wednesday afternoon, life is good. We'll probably be leaving here around middle to late January. Dan gave US tickets to the Daytona 500 for my birthday, so we need to be in Florida about February 8th or 9th. The race is the 15th.

Will post again in a few days. Hopefully can get a video up of the riding lessons.
More later..........