Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Movin' on down the road

Just letting everyone know we are still among the living. Really enjoying this Florida weather. Have gone on several drives in the area just to see the local scenery. But mostly enjoying long walks with Kasey and sitting outside in the sunshine. Did some laundry today and put some chicken to marinade in an orange/barbeque sauce for supper.

Met some really nice neighbors here. Both couples are about our age and have also worked with Habitat for Humanity, so spent some time sharing Habitat stories.

Dan has biked everyday and today rode into Old Town, then had a flat tire on the way back and had to walk. My bike rides are getting longer. Tried taking Kasey with me, but need to get a longer leash. He REALLY doesn't like being real close to the bike while it's moving. Not sure he'll ever like biking. But, we'll see with a longer leash.

Starting to get "hitch itch", so will leave here tomorrow for Americus, GA as we start to head back to Illinois. I know, why are you coming home to all this cold weather? We do have some responsibilities there and need to get moving along on getting the house ready to sell. Maybe by the time it's ready the market will improve. We can only hope. :)

Will stay at Americus for 3 or 4 days. More pictures later.

Plan to stay at Americus, GA for 3-4 days so will post again from there.

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