Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Detained in Thomasville, GA

Thanks to Internet access and satellite TV we awoke to the news of all the tornados in Alabama and Tennessee. So sad about the loss of life and terrible destruction. We debated about whether to stay or go. Since the weather map looked like the storm was moving east, we decided to go ahead and just keep track of the weather via the computer. As we crossed the Georgia state line, I began to check and saw that there was actually another storm right ahead of us and covering the entire area we would be driving through and included our destination. I began to check my campground book and found a campground in Albany, GA, about 55 miles up the road. Tried to call them, but didn't have good cell phone service, so we pulled off the highway at Thomasville, GA and parked in Lowe's parking lot to have lunch and assess the situation. Checked the Passport America campground book again and found an RV park just around the corner from Lowe's and they had empty spaces. :) AND, the nice thing about the motorhome is having our food and bathroom right along with us. Plus satellite TV. The only thing missing is sunshine, but we didn't drive in rain or meet up with a severe storm.

Soooo, we elected to stay here tonight and head out tomorrow for Americus. Weather is supposed to be great for the next few days.

While driving around on Sunday we came across this church sign. Yes, there is another Central Baptist Church in Cross City, Florida.

The sun was actually shining when we arrived at this campground today in Thomasville, so we decided to take a ride and check out the town. Found a quaint little ice cream shop in the historic downtown and just had to have a cone. Then as we continued our ride around town we came upon this wonderful city park and rose garden. The roses are not in bloom, so didn't take any pictures, but this lake is surrounded by a winding paved walking path which is exactly one mile long. You can see the clouds in the background, but we were able to walk all the way around and get back home before it started raining. The rain was heavy enough to knock out the satellite for awhile, but has settled down to just a steady rain now.
So we are both thinking it's better to revise plans and stop for the night away from the severe weather AND we got our exercise in before the rain. Really are enjoying the flexibility of this lifestyle.
Now if I could just remember which outside storage bay my sandy tennis shoes are in so I can get them in between rain showers. I wore sandals today and put the sandy shoes in the basement storage,but don't want to wear sandals to walk Kasey. Would look a little strange with my REI Seattle rain jacket. Sure am glad Kasey can go about 8-10 hours between trips outside if need be. Speaking of which, he's sitting by the door looking at me. Think that's a clue? And the rain has quit for now. Better go find those shoes; there are some puddles around here.
More later.....

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