Saturday, February 02, 2008

Just Another Busy Day in Florida

It's really a rough life. Dan says, "If it was just a little cooler, it would be perfect." "I'm almost perspiring." :) I didn't have the video camera in hand to capture his first attempt at getting INTO the hammock. Our kids gave him this several years ago and he is really enjoying it. He was resting up for a six mile bike ride out in the country. No, Gail did not ride for six miles. But Kasey and I walk many laps around the campground and I do ride my bike, just not into long rides yet. Still getting in shape. That may take awhile.

And then the other male in the family spends his time when in the motorhome, on the dash, surveying the outside world. We are so proud of him. He never barks at other dogs or people. The dog in the next camper over (about 20 feet away) barks quit a bit when his owners are gone, especially if he hears us talking or hears our door close. We've asked neighbors in each campground to tell us if they hear Kasey barking, and they've all said he just lays on the dash and usually sleeps there when we're gone. We take him with us most of the time, except for places like museums, the Space Center or where we know he can't go in. And we would never leave him in the black truck in the sun. Just not safe!!!

Actually the Kennedy Space Center had a FREE kennel for pets, so they wouldn't be left in a vehicle all day in the parking lot.

Kasey's view out our front window.

We decided to stay here until Wednesday morning. We weren't sure how long we would stay when we arrived, but this place is sooooo quiet and peaceful. And there is lots of space between sites. Several small trails go off into the woods and the long road into the campground makes for good bike riding. We've checked out some local country roads (Dan by bike) and both of us by truck. There's a wildlife refuge about 20 miles from here on the coast, so we plan to visit there tomorrow and be back for the Super Bowl in the evening. Picked up some wings from a local barbecue place today to have for our Super Bowl Party tomorrow.

We also have been eating LOTS of oranges, grapefruit and mangos. I didn't know there were so many kinds of oranges. The red navel are especially good.

We are really beginning to feel like this motorhome is our home. We're probably going to stay in it when we get back to Rochester, so we can finish working on getting the house ready to sell. Will be a lot easier if we're not living in the house. Back in 1978, we lived in our house while we finished building it (with 5 kids). I don't want to do that again as we're sorting through the rest of our "stuff" and remodeling. And I really don't want to take all the things in the motorhome back into the house, and then back to the motorhome again.

I didn't really intend to ramble on, but thought some of our readers might be interested in how we're adapting to this full-time lifestyle. We are both really enjoying it. It's not a vacation, but just a different focus of how we plan to spend our retirement years. We're making tenative plans for this summer, but selling our house is our first priority.

More later....


Anonymous said...

Good for you, Gail, riding your bike. Your photos didn't come through this time, so I missed Danny in the hammock. Enjoy reading your blog.


Anonymous said...

Dad, I just want you to know that seeing you just lying in the hammock made me happier than I can explain!! I'm really thrilled for both of you that you are taking the time to relax, you both are so deserving of your new lifestyle!


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo!, the hammock is finally in use!!! And I am soooo jealous!!! I would kill for a little sunshine and feeling too warm :) We've gotten about 30 minutes of total sunshine in the past two weeks. Florida's starting to sound pretty good!!!
Love, Jennifer