Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Surroundings - (Old Town, FL)

We moved today to Suwanee River Hideaway Campground about 5 miles south of Old Town, FL. Old Town is not a very big town, and is located northwest of Ocala. Drove through the Ocala National Forest on our way here. Drove about 170 miles today. This is a Passport America park, so the price is right. It is off the beaten path and VERY quiet.

Not sure if I mentioned that the last campground was about 1/10 mile off I-95 so the truck noise was terrible. Since we were doing so much sightseeing and it was so well located for all we wanted to do, we didn't mind too much. But forget about sitting outside and reading a book.

We arrived here about 3:00pm, set up and walked down the 1500 foot boardwalk to the Suwanee River. The boardwalk crosses natural wetlands, so we'll see what kind of wild life we encounter. There are manatees in the river, but we didn't see any today. Met some nice people on our walk, but haven't decided how long we'll stay here. There are two state parks close by, and we plan to check them out. I wasn't able to get much information from the Florida State Parks website, so we'll just go see for ourselves.

The beauty of this lifestyle is just moving on whenever the mood strikes. It takes us about one hour to break camp and get on our way, and about 30 minutes to set up at a new site.

Had a call from Paul Stivers, our friend from church. He and Candy are checking on our house while we are gone. Paul is going to take care of Dan's snow removal jobs and it sounds like he'll get his chance tonight and tomorrow. Ten inches of snow is expected for Springfield.

No pictures today. Just thoughts about how much we are enjoying this trip.

More later.......

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