Thursday, February 04, 2010

Workamping (not really working) - Lake Placid, FL

I know I've been very lax in posting, but seems we needed some time to just unwind.  We settled in at Little Charlie Creek Campground and reunited with friends we met when we stayed here last February.  It's always nice to see familiar faces and get caught up with everyone.  I'll catch up with our activities for the past month in another post.  Dan has been doing something he's wanted to do for years!!!!  Will post pictures and tell all about it tomorrow.

For now, just want to share where we moved to today.  We are at Saddle Ridge, a 1200 acre gated housing development especially designed for horses and the people who own them.  We are parked in the driveway of the model home to just be a presence here - free rent for 3 months.   The area is plotted out in 10 - 17 acre sections for a total of 98 housing plots.  There are meadows, live oaks, ponds, deer, wild turkeys, armadillos, sandhill cranes, alligators and a herd of 13 rescued horses.

This is the model home on the front of the property with our motorhome parked in the driveway.   Notice the motorcycle is off the truck.  Dan went for a ride around the property

The back patio and back yard with hammock in place.  Yes, that is a horse in the background.  His name is Itchey.  

This is the view off the back patio of the house. 

I think we're really going to enjoy our stay here.  We are about 10 miles from Lake Placid, and 20 miles from Sebring, and there are no close neighbors.  But, this is a very beautiful property, and we are looking forward to spending time here.  We'll be meeting the owners on Sunday.  The managers, Jeff and Renee, are who we've dealt with this week when we found this opportunity.  Dan is also hoping to do some Bobcat work, as there are some secondary roads and trails that need to be cleared.  And, Jeff mentioned that they want some picnic tables and park benches built to place around the property.  So, looks like he could be busy.  Of course, those things will all be paying jobs.  

This development was started about 3 years ago, and then with the housing market collapse, there hasn't been much activity here.  But the owners are hopeful that things may be turning around.  We sure hope so.  

So, until next time.......

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