Saturday, January 02, 2010

We're HERE - Wauchula, FL

We finally arrived at Little Charlie Creek RV Park, Wauchula, FL at 5:45pm.  The orange trees are loaded with oranges.  Will get pictures tomorrow. 
As I said yesterday, the staff at Camping World and Lazy Days couldn't have been nicer or more concerned about getting us out of there, but today seemed like a LOOOONG day.  After installing the new satellite antenna, we were unable to get a signal on the bedroom TV on Thursday, but we were able to watch the front TV which worked great.  So, the guys checked the cable, before it was passed through the roof to the bedroom, tested both receivers, and finally decided to change out the new antenna.  SUCCESS!!!  We have the latest Slimline DirecTV multi satellite antenna which sees all three DirecTV satellites.  We no longer have the pretty black dome on top of the motorhome, but when this antenna is stored, it is much lower than the old dome. 

So we left Camping World with 4 new house batteries; a revamped, cleaned and painted battery compartment; new battery isolater controller; new satellite antenna, 2 new DVR HD receivers; and testing of several systems which we had questions about, all of which checked out OK.  Just can't say enough about the guys who worked on our home.  They were great.  Should have gotten a picture of them.  Especially, Will and Gene, who worked on the TV issues, and Eric, who solved all our battery issues.  Seems that the original wiring was not REALLY done incorrectly, but was not done to maximize certain usages. 

Some things about the fulltiming lifestyle are just like living in a "sticks & brick", but we've learned to go with the flow.  We still don't have to scoop snow, mow grass, maintain a 2800 sq ft house, or go to W**K.  :)

Anyway, we are quite happy with Camping World in Seffner, FL and the staff at Lazy Days for the 2 days we stayed with them and then finding Kasey. 

We are really looking forward to meeting up with friends we met here last January.  But tomorrow is devoted to cleaning, as the motorhome hasn't had a good cleaning for several weeks. 

More later.....


Joe and Sherri said...

We really enjoyed meeting you two at the rally. It is so nice to read your entry today and will be looking forward to hearing how things are going down in Florida. We are freezing here but hope to remedy this situation real soon. Take care and have fun...thanks for taking us along on your adventure.

Debbie Goode said...

We are planning on attending the rv show and the Olive Garden dinner...hope to see you at one or the other! Glad your repairs all went well.