Thursday, August 07, 2008

What Have We Been Doing Lately?

Thought I should update everyone on our latest activities in Seattle. Last Sunday afternoon we enjoyed a picnic lunch along Lake Washington and watched the Blue Angels perform. Of course, neither Gretchen nor I had our camera since we went to the lake directly from church. And even though we knew we were not going back to the house after church, we still didn't plan very well. So, no pictures, but you can check out the website from the link above. We had a wonderful day with a perfectly clear, sunny sky, nice breeze and good company.

And now for the playhouse update. Grandpa says this playhouse is a "work in progress." As you can see from the pictures, Lucy has been helping along with sharing snacks with "PaPa".



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Lucy's playhouse is designed for long-term use. Her mom wants to use it as a garden/potting shed after Lucy outgrows it; so Grandpa purchased a regular sized exterior door ($10) at "Second Use", a recycling store, to allow for adults to enter the building. Then he built a small barn-type door for Lucy and her friends to use while they are small. The windows are plexiglass. Some of the material is recycled from the fence around their yard and from a building site across the alley where a house is being torn down. The base of the building is treated lumber so it can set on the ground without a foundation. Thus making it movable. He did not put in a ceiling, so the interior height is open to the roof. He also has some blue painted cedar siding from the demolished house. Will post more pictures after the siding is completed.

For those of you who may wonder, the door knob is a passage knob - no lock; so no children being locked inside. And when I took these pictures, Dan hadn't finished the handle on the small door yet.

This morning Gretchen, Erin, Lucy and I along with Murphy and Kasey went to the dog park and let the dogs run free for about 2 hours. Needless to say, the dogs and Lucy are taking a well-deserved nap this afternoon. Erin and Gretchen are spending the afternoon with the Adams boys at the beach on Green Lake.

Just another great day in Seattle with family and friends. Oh, I almost forgot. For those of you who MIGHT wonder if we have full hook-ups (ie, electricity, water and sewer). We do have electricity and I fill the water tank from the house faucet when the tank gets low. BUT, while flushing the stool yesterday afternoon, I noticed I could see floating things in the black water tank. :) And as most RVers know, the tank sensors never seem to work correctly, but I knew the tank was FULL. After some phone calls to check about having the tanks emptied (at costs of $68 plus mileage), Dan called Poulsbo RV to see if they knew of any dump stations close to us. Remember, we are in West Seattle. The people at Poulsbo RV gave him the name of a fellow just north of SeaTac who sells propane and has a dump station. Dan called him and he acknowledged that he did have a dump station and there was no charge to dump. WOW. Sooooo, I quickly packed everything up in the motorhome (remember, we've been parked here since July 25) and off we went. We met the nicest fellow. He has a small garage and does auto repair, sells propane and has a free dump station. So we were able to dump our tanks and fill the propane tank in the motorhome and our small grill tank. And we were only gone about an hour. Even with the price of diesel fuel, we decided it was cheaper than $68 plus mileage.

Just another day in the life of the Brogdon's and their fulltime journey.

More later.......

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Jennifer said...

Wow! Dad's getting a workout. I LOVE the dual playhouse/storage shed - the little overhang above Lucy's door is adorable. And, he had the pleasure of parking the RV again in that narrow spot! I imagine he's getting good at it, eh?