Monday, August 11, 2008

The Playhouse is Finished !!!!!!

Lucy is really enjoying her playhouse. It's where she starts and ends her day. She loves opening and closing the doors and especially likes for someone to knock on the door so she can invite them in to visit.

Lucy at the door. No siding yet.

Siding being installed. (The siding came from a house across the alley that was being demolished and the blue paint matches the O'Byrne house.) Gretchen is working on the bubble machine while grandpa is getting bumped by the door. :)

Since the big people were bumping their heads on the corner of the shed roof, Grandma hung a planter from the corner. No more bumped heads. Doesn't it look homey?
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Some inside views.

We still need to make curtains for the windows, but that's more for Grandma and Mom. Lucy probably doesn't really care if she has curtains.

We are sooooo enjoying our stay here in Seattle. It's been really nice to just spend our days with family and get to know Lucy.

Grandpa is now building a picnic table for Lucy and her friends (at her mom's request). He certainly hasn't had any time to be bored. But I think he has enjoyed every minute of "work".

Pictures of the picnic table to follow.
More later......


Anonymous said...

Ms Lucy is one lucky little gal - what a wonderful play space! I bet she will have lots of opportunities to share her corner with her playdates throughout the school year! Grandpa Dan - you are one special carpenter - Grandma Gail - nice touches - love the planter. Hi to Gretchen & Rodney. The Stivers

Joe and Sherri said...

Good job on the house! I bet there will be a lot of enjoyment resulting from that little place.

Joe and Sherri