Saturday, February 23, 2008

Water Problem Solved, Serious Sorting Begins - (Rochester, IL)

Just an update as to what we've been doing this past week.

The leaking pipes are all fixed, thanks to Dan and the plumber, and additional insulation has been added to the soffit area above the cabinets. And I can't feel cold air around the electrical outlets on the west wall of the kitchen. So, that problem is solved. Now just need to repair all the holes in the sheetrock that were made while looking for the opening for the cold air to enter the soffit and subsequently freeze the water pipes. :) And there was sheetrock dust all over everything, so had to do lots of dusting.

Have been doing some serious sorting of "stuff". I'm amazed at how much stuff we actually have. I'm sure that at some time we believed we needed or would need all this stuff. But most of the sorting is really pretty easy. It's not so difficult to decide what to keep or what to get rid of, but rather, how to get rid of it. Sell, give to kids, donate to charity, throw away or keep. Still trying to decide if we'll have a garage sale this spring, so I am putting some things on the tables in the garage which Dan put together for me last year. I price the items when I take them to the garage so that doesn't have to be done later. But since our main goal right now is to get stuff out of the house so we can get the house ready to sell, I don't have enough room to put everything we might be able to sell in the garage. We are renting a storage unit for the things going to the kids, but I don't want to take sale stuff there and then bring it back home to sell. Not sure the monetary return is worth the work.

I worked 2 days last week at St. John's and plan to work 1 day next week. I think I'll stick with that schedule. It will give me more time at home to get other things done.

Will have the income tax info ready for our accountant by the end of next week. He'll be surprised.

Lots to do, but our trip just reenforced our desire to pursue the RV full-time lifestyle. Our motorhome is so easy to live in; Kasey is a wonderful traveler; we enjoyed ever-changing views out the front window; if the weather isn't to our liking, we check out the weather channel and move to better weather.

So, better get busy. More later....

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Anonymous said...

HI to both of you. Too bad about your water damage. Been there done that only we had a dishwasher leak all night long and lost four rooms that had to be re-done. It took us a year to finally get everything back in shape and that was with professional help that worked when they wanted to work. I took pictures because I thought no one will believe I survived this and if I lose my mind they'll know why. We also had a kitchen fire back in 1975 and I don't know which is worse fire or water. They are both bad.

We are still at Brickyard and enjoying playing golf. We had one bad storm. Also met Pres. Carter and Roselynn. Am getting use to new computer. Joan