Thursday, February 14, 2008

Back in Rochester for Awhile - (Rochester, IL)

We arrived back to our house about 3:00 this afternoon. Sure is cold in Illinois. :) Had a couple of issues with the motorhome on the way back. Must have gotten a bad tank of fuel since we started loosing power going up hills. And the inverter/charger isn't charging the batteries like it should. But we were able to get it home so can have work done here and we're not stuck out on the road somewhere.

We suspected we might have had a frozen water line in the house, since we've had a problem with that in the past. Sure enough, turned the water on and guess what? Water through the ceiling in the office!!!! After tearing down the computer setup on the desk and moving all the furniture, cutting a hole in the ceiling (large hole), we then decided the problem must be in the soffit over the refrigerator. That means moving the fridge, taking out the surrounding cabinet and overhead cabinet to find holes in two water lines. After working for awhile trying to get them fixed, Dan decided to call it quits and will call the plumber tomorrow. He also has a plan to fix the original problem which involves the cold air getting into the ceiling and causing the pipes to freeze.

So the office, kitchen and living room are a real mess, but we knew we had some work to do in there anyway, so might as well get it done. Also need to get the motorhome issues taken care of so we can get it back home and live in it while we work on getting the house ready to sell.

I'll probably only post to this blog about 2 times a week, just to keep everybody updated. And I'll be more motivated to get stuff done so I'll have something to talk about.

Our next trip will be to Talladega in April for a Nascar race and then back home until Sarah's wedding in June. The plan is to have the house ready to sell by then.

No more pictures of Dan in the hammock for awhile. Too much work to do right now.

More later.....

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Anonymous said...

YUCK! Clearly you guys needed to be reminded why you chose to buy the RV. That house is making sure you are able to emotionally leave it. It's so much easier when you're annoyed.

love you