Sunday, January 27, 2008

Patrick AFB, Chilly Beach, Antique Car, Peaceful Lake - (Scottsmoor, FL)

On Saturday, we went to Cocoa Beach to check out Patrick Air Force Base, where Dan was stationed from 1957 to 1959. He worked at Cape Canaveral on the Bomarc Missile. He was in the 6555th Guided Missile Squadron.

We were not able to get on the base, but he did notice how much has changed since 50 years ago. The old barracks housing is gone as are the above ground steam heating pipes. He said the base looks like it had been torn down and rebuilt.
So we went across the street to the beach. Notice the long pants and jacket and then check out the little girl in the next picture. :)

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Checked out the cruise ships at Port Canaveral.

Goofy hanging on the front of the Disney ship

As we started back home we saw this restored customized 1941 Lincoln Continental. It has been shown in several antique car shows and is for sale for $75,000.

Then we headed on home and Kasey and I took a walk around this lake in our campground.

Nice finish to another day on the this journey.

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O'Byrne Family said... must be on right now!!! I just refreshed the screen after my last comment and saw this new post. I was laughing at Dad on the beach with his shoes and pants even before I read your caption. Was it that cold or was he just not inspired to put his feet in?

We can't wait to do this beach walk with you guys on the Puget Sound!!!