Monday, January 28, 2008

It's a VERY Small World - (Scottsmoor, FL)

On Sunday we talked with Sarah, our youngest daughter, and her fiance, Chad. They told us that while reading our blog Chad realized that his uncle, his mother's brother, lives in Titusville, just south of us. He last saw his uncle about 7 years ago when Chad's grandmother passed away. We said we would like to meet him, so Chad called him to sort of introduce us to him and see if he would like to meet us.

We met Butch this morning at Kim's Donut & Deli (Dan's favorite local coffee shop) and spent 3 hours visiting with him. We had planned to go on to the Kennedy Space Center after visiting with Butch, but after spending the whole morning talking, we decided to postpone the Space Center until tomorrow. Butch is retired from Lockheed where he worked as a machinist supporting the space program.

We'll probably see Butch one more time before we leave this area. I'm sure we'll enjoy that as much as we did this morning's visit.

As we were all chatting, a man came into the coffee shop and sat down across from us at the counter for coffee and a donut. He heard one of us mention Illinois and asked if we were from Illinois. Turns out, he worked as an ironworker in Springfield and Peoria in the 70's. He remembered the old Fleetwood restaurant on Dirksen Parkway and even mentioned Chatham and Buckhart. Didn't ask him how he knew where Buckhart was, but I suspect he may have frequented the tavern at Buckhart. Buckhart is a very small town, one tavern and a dozen houses, about 5 miles east of Rochester. His last name was Siddens AND his uncle lives about a mile from our house in Rochester. Such a small world.

Just think, we are about 1100 miles away from our sticks & brick home and we've met our soon-to-be son-in-law's uncle and someone else who's been to Buckhart, Illinois and his uncle lives in our neighborhood.

Better watch out for all these uncles.

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Anonymous said...

What a blessing for you and Dad to be on such an adventure. We are truly happy for you! We are really enjoying seeing where you've been too, it's quite interesting! I guess all the people you've met goes to show that the world is so much smaller than we could ever imagine, kudos to both of you for being open to so many things!