Monday, November 24, 2008

Casper, The Halloween Calf

This is Erin feeding Casper. He now takes 1 1/2 bottles twice a day and is quite lively when we arrive at his pen. Yes, he does act like we are momma cows. Butts his head against us and follows us around. Will post riding lessons videos tomorrow.

Be sure to read the post following this one for an update of our comings and goings and to learn more about Casper and the riding lessons.

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Debbie Goode said...

Hey, nice to see a new post! Sorry for the troubles you have had and the passing of someone close to you. Sounds like you both have been working tooooo hard, but we know how that goes. We decided to postpone selling our house til next spring. Just like you we feel the economy is just to bad to be successful at this point. We are still in COLD Indiana, but will be leaving for Texas Dec 2. Happy Travels to you and Happy Holidays! Debbie Goode