Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Year and It's COLD

(Rochester, IL)

Thought I should get started on this blog which we plan to use to document our travels as we begin fulltime RVing this year. And since it is the first day of a new year, what a good time to start. So here goes..........

Happy New Year - 2008!!!! It's cold here in central Illinois; 18 degrees, to be exact, and snowing. So why are we still here?

Well, we won't be here much longer. We'll be leaving January 9th for warmer southern Alabama weather along with Dan's brother and his wife, Larry and Phyllis.

We plan to stop in Nashville for the Grand Ole Opry, and then make our way to Dauphin Island in Mobile Bay http://www.dauphinisland.org/ We'll camp there for about a week before moving on along the Gulf Coast.

We'll be back in Rochester the middle of February. Then our focus will be on preparations to begin fulltiming. :) YEAH!!

Hope you enjoy following along with us.

GO ILLINI!!!!!!!

Movin' on,
Dan and Gail
and Kasey

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Erin said...

Nice blog Grandma!